Who we are

As a national energy management company, we help our customers make the right choices when shopping for electric and natural gas. Without professional guidance, navigating these crowded and constantly fluctuating markets can be overwhelming. Our team, with more than 80 years of expertise in the industry, eliminates the guesswork for you when you’re looking to purchase energy. We work with businesses of all sizes and carefully study the markets to ensure you’re getting the absolute best prices.

What We Do

Marketing Analysis

Our Suppliers

Energy Purchasing

Customer Service

Market Analysis

The MidAtlantic team has been through just about every key industry milestone: natural gas drilling in the 80s; de-regulation in the 90s; price surges in 2008 to 10-year lows in 2012. Through it all, we’ve learned how to find long-term, sustainable solutions for our customers by performing in-depth market research and maintaining relationships with the best retail energy suppliers. By closely monitoring the markets on a daily basis, we’ll always know when it’s the perfect time to purchase energy for your business.

The cost of energy can fluctuate significantly at any moment. Market research allows us to create risk-management programs that make sense for your business’s objectives. This could mean huge savings, as even a slight increase in energy prices could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Our Suppliers

Competitive rates are a priority for our customers. That’s why we work with suppliers that are licensed by the Public Utility Commission and have established a solid reputation in the industry. They’ve also endured our rigorous review process. Whether you’re shopping for electric, natural gas or renewables, our list of suppliers allows us to purchase the service(s) that best fits your needs.

Energy Purchasing

We simplify the purchase and management of energy by providing all options from low-risk fixed contracts to higher-risk hedge options. You’ll also be able to select a term length that best suits your needs.

Customer Service

Should any issues arise with your energy services, we’ll take care of it as we have relationships with all utility companies and suppliers. You’ll get a direct contact that can quickly find you a solution so you can focus on your business.

Additional Services


When working with us, you won’t have to worry about a separate bill. The cost of our energy procurement services is paid by the supplier, so there’s no direct cost to you. It’s that easy.


Aggregation is the act of grouping together several businesses’ energy accounts, even when they have different suppliers and contract end dates. The grouping combines the loads, or average daily energy usage, into one lump sum and can help drive rates down. At times, this method has saved our customers 10-20%. You have the option of being aggregated to give you an advantage when shopping energy services.

Regulatory Changes & Legislative Policy

Policies in the energy industry can change frequently. We work closely with our suppliers so we can immediately educate you on any changes that may affect your utility accounts. Being up to date on these policies allows us to continue to offer you the best solutions for your business.

Energy Efficiency

Whether your focus is to go green or to maximize your ROI, we can connect you with energy-efficient companies that will have your goals in mind. Plus, we’ll be there to provide guidance along the way.